Help for ED

Crooked Male Anatomy (The Doctors)

Urologist Dr. Aaron Spitz provides easy solutions for a bent or crooked penis.

*Video:urologist dr. aaron spitz provides easy solutions for a bent or crooked penis.

What is erectile dysfunction?

It is a medical condition.Period.

It is not a signal of lost masculinity, nor should it be a source of shame or embarrassment. ED is a medical issue that affects 15 to 30 million men in the United States alone and which can result from any number of physical conditions, including high blood pressure, vascular disease, and diabetes, among others.

It is just as important to understand what erectile dysfunction is not. It is not a judgment, and it does not have to mean you are not a virile, healthy male. Throw the word “impotence” away; learn about ED and the treatment options available.

It’s More Common Than You Think

Most men experience an inability to achieve or maintain an erection at some point in their lives. If this happens occasionally, it is almost always nothing over which to worry. The inability to achieve or maintain an erection for satisfactory sex more than just occasionally, however, indicates erectile dysfunction. About 40 percent of men in their forties experience mild ED and about 5% experience severe ED. With each passing decade, the percentage of men who experience ED increases. By age 65, 65% of men experience ED with 20% being severe., Yet it does not have to be a normal part of aging. You do not have to suffer with it or resign yourself to it.

Not Just In Your Head

Many men believe that conquering ED is an issue of mind over matter, as if they can will an erection. But you wouldn’t expect to heal a broken arm by wishing the bone to fuse; you wouldn’t expect your cholesterol to lower because you wished it so. It is crucial that men see erectile dysfunction as a treatable issue with their bodies, not as a personal failure. ED can be caused by diabetes, kidney disease, neurological disease, surgery, injury, hormone imbalances, depression, tobacco, alcohol, or drug use, and prescription drugs. In fact, there are over 200 prescription drugs that can contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Finding the Right Help

Dr. Aaron Spitz is a Board Certified urologist and specializes in men’s sexual and reproductive health at Orange County Urology Associates inLuguna Hills , California. Dr. Spitz effectively treats patients with erectile dysfunction using the most advanced, and least invasive, techniques. A focus on health, nutrition, and overall wellbeing is crucial for success, and the goal is to achieve a new sense of confidence and security. ED is treatable; the first step is to see a medical professional and learn more about your options. Dr.Spitz is a renowned expert in his field and can help you overcome ED.