About Dr. Aaron Spitz

Struggling with erectile dysfunction is a source of embarrassment or shame to many men. Despite medical knowledge affirming that ED is a physical condition, many feel that it is a judgment on their masculinity. Because it is a sensitive issue, you need to make sure to find a doctor who not only knows how to treat the body, but can do so with compassion, understanding, and empathy. Dr. Aaron Spitz has built his career on a foundation of extensive medical knowledge and trust forged with his patients.

Dr. Spitz graduated from the prestigious Cornell University Medical College and traveled to the University of Southern California Medical Center for his Urology Residency. Dr. Spitz’s training continued with a Fellowship in Male Reproductive Medicine and Surgery at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.

Dr. Spitz is a well-known and well-respected expert in the field of male infertility and sexual health and has been published frequently on these issues. A tireless advocate for men’s sexual health, Dr. Spitz is also a media spokesperson who strives to increase awareness and knowledge while decreasing stigma.

Are impressive credential and extensive training all you need in a doctor when you are seeking help for ED? They tell only part of the story; all of Dr. Spitz accomplishments and training do not tell you how committed he is to improving the health of his patients, as well as their quality of life. They do not tell you how Dr. Spitz treats each patient with dignity and puts them at ease even when speaking of sensitive issues.

Medical knowledge is crucial, of course, but equally important are respect and compassion. Dr. Spitz understands that erectile dysfunction and other men’s health issues can be difficult to talk about, but he also understands that not discussing them can be even more difficult. Make an appointment to see Dr. Spitz at Orange County Urology Associates in Luguna Hills, California by calling 714-738-3773 or 949-716-3233. You can also fill out a request for an initial consultation at Dr. Spitz’s website. There is no reason to delay treatment, and every reason to get the help you need and deserve.