Injection Therapy

Treatment options are so varied today that if simple lifestyle changes and/or oral medications are not effective, than other methods may be pursued. Injection therapy has proven to be successful in about seventy percent of ED cases. If the thought of self-injection has led to apprehension about this line of treatment, you can be assured that the discomfort of the injection is minimal and that many men can achieve an erection and enjoy satisfying sexual relations.

For men who choose to use injections, the success rate for injection therapy is about seventy to eighty percent, and men can typically learn to inject themselves, controlling when they want an erection. Prostaglandin is an FDA approved drug for injection into the penis. It may cause an ache in the penis. A combination of Prostaglandin with two other drugs – papaverine hydrochloride and phentolamine (Regitine) – results in less discomfort and often stronger erections. Caverject is a commercially available prostaglandin but it is often in short supply. Tri-mix is readily available throughout the united states from compounding pharmacies. It is widely used and clinical experience has proven that it is safe and effective. Once injected, the medication typically begins to work within five to twenty minutes, with optimal intercourse attempt occurring within ten to thirty minutes. The erection lasts for about one hour.

Understanding the Process

How does injection therapy work? An ultra-fine gauge needle andsyringe is used to inject the medication directly into the shaft of the penis right into the spongy tissue, where it begins to dilate blood vessels. This increased blood flow allows many men to achieve an erection suitable and firm enough for intercourse. The dosage used for each individual is different, and an evaluation by Dr. Spitz will allow you to determine which is right for your needs. One further note of comfort: ninety percent of those who self-inject say that while they feel the needle, they are surprised at how painless it is.

Men who experience ED and are able to give themselves an injection may find that this therapy is beneficial and an excellent alternative to surgery. While safe, certain men should avoid injection therapy. These include those with:

  • Allergies to the medications themselves.
  • History of priapism (persistent, sometimes painful erection lasting more than four hours).
  • Penile implant.
  • Certain blood-related illnesses or those taking prescription or over-the-counter drugs and/or herbal and dietary supplements.

While injection therapy is considered very safe, there are risks and side effects associated with any drug. With Prostaglandin, papaverine hydrochloride, and phentolamine, these can include:

  • Dizziness.
  • Heart palpitations.
  • Feeling flushed.
  • Possibility of bleeding or bruising during injection.
  • Priapism.
  • Scarring inside the penis. This usually results when the injections are used too frequently. Use should not exceed one injection every few days, and it is best if the site of injection is regularly changed with regular intervals between injections.

Injection therapy is an excellent alternative when pills don’t work. Find out if it can work for you.