Vacuum Device

While certainly no one considers himself lucky to experience erectile dysfunction, it is fortunate the men today have so many treatment options. Vacuum constriction devices, VCD, have been used for over a hundred years to help men achieve or maintain an erection, and their use has been popularized over the past two decades. A safe, easy, and effective treatment, vacuum devices have been approved by the FDA for those with ED. How does it work, and will it work for you?

The vacuum constriction device, also know as “the pump”, is an acrylic cylinder thatis placed over the penis. Air is pumped out of the cylinder to create a vacuum effect and draw blood into the penis . The increased blood flow will cause filling of the penis and an erection. After a couple of minutes an erection is achieved and then the man places a constriction band around the base of his penis to keep the blood trapped in the erect penis once he removes the pump. The constriction band slides easily onto the base of the penis from its position on the base of the cylinder., The vacuum is released, and the pump is removed and the man may have intercourse until he releases the constriction band (up to 30 minutes) The band does not interfere with orgasm. Should you consider VCD treatment? It has been show to be effective in fifty to eighty percent of men, and is often used by men who have ED as the result of a medical condition, such as:

  • Diabetes.
  • Surgery for colon or prostate cancer.
  • Depression and/or anxiety.
  • Poor penile blood flow.

VCD should be used with caution in those with congenital blood disorders, certain types of leukemia, sickle cell anemia, and a predisposition to priapism (sustained and often painful erections lasting for more than four hours).Other conditions may preclude the use of VCD, but Dr. Spitz will be able to determine if it is suitable for you.

Men notice that the erections achieved by VCD are different from those that occur naturally. The penis will not be rigid on the “body” side of the constriction band but will be rigid and able for penetrative intercourse on the “penis” side of the constriction band. The penis may have some discoloration or slight “cold” sensation. If bruising occurs it is generally not painful nor dangerous. Many men notice that the constriction ring decreases the force of ejaculation. This is safe, and you should still experience full pleasure in orgasm.

VCD has helped many men resume sexual relations with pleasure and confidence.