Traction Device

Having a medical condition that results in erectile dysfunction is frustrating, especially when the cause of that condition is unknown. One such condition, Peyronie’s disease, is little understood, and much work needs to be done to develop effective treatments. For men who experience erectile dysfunction as a result of the disease, traction device treatment may present a solution.

Peyronie’s is a progressive condition, meaning that it will typically worsen in the first six to eighteen months. Pain is common but usually resolves in the first 4 to 6 months. Sexual intercourse can be difficult if the deformity or curvature of the penis is severe. Many men find that medications, both oral and injected, are ineffective at treating Peyronie’s disease. Traction devices have been proven to be successful in many of these patients.

Strong Evidentiary Support

A study conducted by researchers from the Department of Urology at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, found that traction reduced curvature, as well as increasing penile length and girth in areas that had been indented or narrowed. The study used the FastSize Penile Extender, which was applied for two to eight hours each day for six months. Of the study participants, ninety percent had undergone unsuccessful medical treatment for Peyronie’s disease. This area of study is newly emerging, but studies like these point to prolonged daily traction’s efficacy as an ED treatment.

Understanding the Process

Traction works by stretching and loosening the tunica albugnea “scar” tissues that surround the corpora cavernosa, allowing the penis to straighten. The process is similar to the effect of a brace worn to straighen a bone or the spine. It is a gradual and steady process which works over time. For best results the device is worn at least 4 to 8 hours per day and traction is adjusted about every 2 weeks as the penis lengthens. The duration of treatment is usually 6 months. When being used, the device should be released from the penis every 2 hours for about 15 minutes. General Instructions: The device is packaged with an informational video that details its proper use. Here is an overview: The flaccid penis is placed on a mild stretch in the device, held in place with a constriction band that fits snugly behind the head of the penis. The device is worn under the clothes. Every two weeks the device can be lengthened as the penis allows more stretch. Every two hours the penis is released from the traction for 15 minutes. The device is used 4 to 8 hours each day for 6 months. Complications are rare and are only minor skin irritation in a small number of patients.